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Your common concerns answered?

Recently I put a post out across our social media platforms asking what your concerns would be when it comes to using a horse transporter for your horse, we had quite a few so today I'm going to address them and hopefully put your mind at rest.

  • Horse welfare The main concern to come out was with regards to the welfare of your horse and we get this 100% like us your horse is the most precious thing in your life. We operate a calm approach to the entire process from loading, on the road and the drop off. We are patient when it comes to loading and take our time in order to avoid upsetting and stressing your horse out. We tailor the process to meet your individual horses needs, so we can provide hay, rest breaks and can advise as to the temperature and if any rugs are needed. We plan our journey to make sure we are on the road for the shortest time for your horse.

  • Bio-security- This is a really important point and one we are very aware of. We transport a number of different horses week in week out, we go to different yards up and down the country, most of these horses we don't know and we are taking the owners would that they have not got any contagious disease. In order to avoid spreading diseases we have a number of steps we always carry out after every journey. As soon as we get back to our yard the box is swept out then pressure washed and cleaned with Virkon S which is a government approved disinfectant. All uneaten hay is removed from the haynets and replaced with fresh nets ready for the next passenger. We keep the cab of the box clean and tidy to avoid anything being passed from yard to yard from our boots.

  • Correct insurances- People were worried that they wouldn't have the correct types of insurances to insure their horses were properly covered. I have actually written a blog post on this going into more detail which you can find here.

  • Height and length of stalls somebody started they wouldn't use a company if they didn't have full height and length stalls. We had our box purposely built last year with the job in mind, we had the box fitted with full height stallion partition and the longer length stalls so we are able to cater for any size horse, also once they are in the box they can not get to the horse next to them so neither can be injured, and there is no risk for them to try and jump out and get their self caught on the breast bars.

  • Driving not driving carefully- We have many years working with and transporting horses and understand the impact a bad experience can have on how a horse loads and travels the next time. With this in mind we take our time and make sure they have a smooth ride and get to their destination without become stressed or injured.

  • Reviews- One person commented that they would first check if the company had good reviews before using them. We are lucky to have received some amazing review these can be seen on our website, facebook page and on the highlights section of our instagram if you wanted to check them out for yourself.

Do you have any concerns over using a transporter that I haven't covered? If so let me know and I'd be happy to help with how we would over come this. For a free quote click on the Quote link and you will be directed to the request form.

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