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Why we started Gallop Horse Transport

Last week I was listening to the podcast Small and Supercharged by Rhea Freeman with Carrie Green, and she was talking about her reasons for doing what she does and it really got me thinking, why did I start this business? I will link the podcast here and highly recommend giving it a listen as its very inspiring. Why do I do the hours of work I put into it, what was the reason behind us going down this route? So I thought it would be a fab place to start our blog and explain how we got here.

We have been selling horses in Wales for many years now and always had our own box for that job, to collect horses we had brought or to deliver horses to their new homes. We would often get asked to transport other peoples horses, it was a bit of extra bit off income and quite enjoyable going to a new yard. There are many sites on facebook where people advertise for transporters to do a journey for them, but a lot of the websites would recommend only going with fully licensed and insured people, and rightly so.

This got me thinking, we have the box, we might as well make use of it and do it properly, so we got the correct insurance and licenses through Defra. We both went on a course known as the Welfare of Animals in Transit.

We then thought well if we are going to do it lets really do it, so we sold our box and upgraded to a brand new purpose built stallion box and I won't lie I love it. Its more suited to transporting horses as a business as has a full height partition so once a horse is in they are safe, they aren't going anywhere, and can't touch the horse next to them, so a customer can have piece of mind their beloved horses are in safe hands.

We have been up and running for two months now and things are slowly picking up, we have had many local jobs local to Carmarthen, going from local horse auctions, a couple of yard moves and vet visits, but we are also getting another of national trips the furthest being a collection from Skegness. I'm busy working on the website and trying to improve our google ranking which for me mind blowing but we're getting there.

But for me the main reason for doing this job is because I love it, I love going to new yards, and seeing other peoples set ups and taking ideas back home to ours. I love seeing all the gorgeous horses we get to meet, and meeting new people, we have all ready made a few new friends through delivering horses. I love providing a great services and seeing people happy when their horse who previously wouldn't load go on and are

calm or someone has just brought a new horse and we deliver it to them, that's the driving force behind the hard work for me.

A Cob delivered by Gallop Horse Transport- Carmarthen Wales

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