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What factors we consider when we give you a quote

In this post I want to tackle an issue that has been a bit of a bug bear to me of late. We get a number of people requesting quotes who then come back and say that they have been quoted nearly half of what we have or we don't ever hear from them again. In this post I want to out line why we charge what we charge and why we wont drop on our price to match a lower quote.

As a rule we charge a £1 a mile for a round trip, this means from leaving our base, picking up the horse, delivering it then returning to our base again.

What people do not realize that that price covers and awful lot more than just the price of diesel. We have a lot of costs that go into making sure when we are in the care of your horse is it safe and arrives with you how you would expect.

Horse Transportation Carmarthen Wales

First of we had the cost of the box, which was high, I know we didn't have to pay this it was our choice but we chose it with safety in mind. It has stallion partitions so two horses can travel next to each other with out injuring one another, once the horse is in they can not get out. We have to maintain this to a high standard. Every journey we make adds wear and tear on the box, the tires and the engine, plus adding miles to the clock with depreciates its value.

We have our insurance premiums to factor in. We are fully insured so if anything happens your horse it is covered, do these people offering cheaper transport have this cover should anything go wrong?

We spent our time and money getting the correct qualifications and licenses, again does your cheaper quote have these?

The quote factors in loading time, we don't like to rush horses on if they are nervous so we give them plenty of time to make sure they are not stressed when they are on board.

People forget that we can be on the road for hours on end, if we were working an office job this would be charged at an hourly rate, if there is traffic jams or road works this time goes up. For long trips this may result in an over night stay as by law we can only travel for 8 hours per day maxim.

When it comes to taking people to shows or vet visits, people expect us to only charge for the journey they don' see that we either have to wait around or come back, which in both sense would cost us money making it not cost effective, we don't charge extortionate rates for wait time, but we do have to factor it in.

When we have finished the job it doesn't end there as when we are home we fully clean out the box and disinfect it ready for the next horse, we do this to avoid cross contamination again so you can have piece of mind your horse is in the best hands and will arrive safe and well.

We always have fresh water on board for long journeys and hay to make their journey as relaxed as possible. We have cctv on board to monitor them the whole journey.

I have heard such horror stories from people who have used cheaper transporters, horses being held on the lorry overnight, not been given food so are starving, mares being placed next to stallions, horses being taken all over the country before arriving at their destination. All this is going to stress your horse out, is this with saving a bit of money?

Equine Horse Transport West Wales

We offer a premium service of equine transport, when you use us we might be a higher cost but you have the guarantee your horse is going to be treated as you would treat them. A clean safe box, food and water, kind compassionate handling. So next time you consider using a horse transporter consider what factors are important to you and factor that into the cost.

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