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How safe is you horse box?

The first and things you need to make sure you have are an up to date MOT, insurance and your box has been serviced.

Its advised you check over you box or trailer on a regular basis, if its only used once in a while try to check it every time before use. If its often aim for weekly. We check over ours every time before we go out.

The first place to start you check is with the tyres and chassis.

check the tyres are all in good condition these are what keep your in the road especially in bad weather conditions. Ensure the outer surface has no worn bits, the nuts are all tight and the tyre pressure is where it should be.

Don't forget to check you spare tyre as well, there would be nothing worse than being stuck at the side of the road with a puncher, to find that was is not fit for use.

Next on your check list is the breaks, lights and horn. It’s illegal to not have all your lights working and can be very dangerous. If you are towing a vehicle it’s so important to make sure it’s connected properly, else vehicles behind you won’t know when your stopping or turning. So check your headlights, indicators and break lights are all in check.

Oil, engine coolant, wiper fluid, clutch and brake fluid. All these need to topped up regularly, keeping up to date with your service will help. Check in your hand book as to when you should have a service done, if you do a lot of miles it should be done more regularly.

When ever a warning light appears get it checked asap, don’t leave it until you breakdown, these are there to tell you something is up.

One of the most important checks you can do is the flooring. If your flooring is plywood underneath check for any rotting due to usage and urine. The most common accident with horse boxes is due to damage to the flooring.

The ramp, it’s springs and hinges should be checked. like with the flooring the ramps can become weak and damaged over time, the hinges can become lose and harder to lift. The horse puts a lots of weight and pressure on the ramp as it’s going up, the last thing you want is for the ramp to fall off whilst your horse is going up.

Lastly check around the horse area for anything broken or sticking out that could injurer your horse.

if in any doubt visit your garage or Horsebox manufacturer’s and get them to check out any concerns before you travel your horse.

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