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Do you know who is transporting your horse?

Updated: Jan 10

When you have used a horse transporter in the past did you check whether they held the right insurances and licenses? It may not seem a big thing, especially if all goes well, but if something did go wrong, you could be the one left out of pocket.

Below is a list of all the licences and insurances a transport should hold.


First up is the licence, a transporter must hold either a type 1 or type 2 authorization. Type 1 is for journeys over 65k and under 8 hours, type 2 is for journeys over 8 hours. So depending on which type they hold they need to plan their trips accordingly.

We hold a type 1 authorization so that means we can only be on the road for 8 hours so have to plan trips around this, and on many occasions it requires a stop over so we don't go over this.

They must also hold a certificate of competency in the Welfare of Animals in transit (Wato) gained from an approved governing body.


There are many people who assume that because their personal lorry is insured they are able to offer horse transport, but this isn't the case, and in fact their insurance wouldn't stand if it was someone else horse they were transporting.

The insurance they must hold by law is known as Hire and reward, without this they are not covered.

Other insurances to look out for but are not required by law are public liability and care & custody which would cover your horse. We do however also advise to all our customers to make sure you have full insurance for your horse when they travel.


Breakdown cover is another important factor to consider. Again with normal breakdown cover it is only for that persons horses other people’s are not covered and you could find your horse is stuck in the event of a break down.

We hold fully breakdown cover which covers all horses in our care, meaning should our lorry ever break down, we can guarantee your horse will be collected and delivered to you safely.

Next time you use a horse transporter please bare these points in mind to make sure your horse is safe. Some people may appear a lot cheaper with their quotes, but this could be the reason, it costs a lot more for legitimate transporters to make sure they have the correct cover, but they do this to protect everyone concerned and to offer a professional service, they are not just out to make a quick pound.

There is a group on facebook called the Legal Horse Transport Network which transporters have to prove they hold all the above before they are approved. If you are unsure if a transporter in your areas is legitimate, you can contact me and I will try help before you go ahead.

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